Fish & Game Camp Activities

Summer 2021 HOURS: Camp runs from 9:00am--12:00pm

*Please Note: There will be NO Early Care &/or Late Care Programs for Summer 2021.*

Arts & Crafts

Every day, our campers participate in creative and hands on artistic experiences! We use all different types of materials and methods to encourage the creative juices to flow! Each Friday we attempt to create art inspired by an artist! We do different art projects every day and we will post pictures of our amazing art on Instagram & Facebook!.


Sports & Games

Every day, our campers participate in dynamic and exciting sports & games! From traditional sports to new and exciting games, our campers have fun in the sun with new friends, learn new skills, improve upon current ones & get a great workout while doing it!

Yoga, Wellness & Exercise

A few times a session, our campers will get to experience Yoga and other movement, wellness & exercise classes. We love posting our wellness time on Instagram & Facebook!

Science Experiments

A few times a session, our campers will get to perform awesome science experiments! We will put on our thinking caps and hypothesize what we think will happen and then watch the amazing results before our eyes! We can’t wait to post pictures of our experiments on Instagram!

Tennis Lessons

A few times a session, our campers will get to play tennis with a Tennis instructor on the fantastic tennis courts at Fish and Game! They will get to learn new tennis skills, improve upon their current tennis skills and have a blast playing with their friends! You are welcome to bring your OWN racquet, or use ours! (Campers in LATE CARE can add-on Tennis Lessons while they are in Late Care!).

Swimming & Water fun

On the first day of every Camp Session, campers will have the opportunity to work with life guards and counselors as they take their swim test! (a camper/member only has to take this test ONCE). Once they pass the swim test, they will be able to swim in the DEEP end of the pool! (Campers in LATE CARE can add-on Swim Lessons while they are in Late Care!)

Fun Fridays, every friday!

On Fun Fridays we will have EXTRA special dynamic activities planned, have exciting special guests drop by to teach us cool tricks and skills & show us their amazing talents and have a visit at the end of the day by the ice cream truck!